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Our fabrics are at the center of everything we do with quality and durability at the forefront. Here you can learn more about the fabrics at the heart of our first collection.



Pima cotton is one of the finest cottons on earth, grown in the ideal coastal environment of Peru. Pima cotton is one of the rare ELS (extra-long staple) cottons.

The shining qualities of Peruvian pima cotton are its durability - especially against pilling - and its softness and absorbency that trumps ordinary cotton.

A cotton’s softness, durability, strength, and luster is directly related to the length of its ‘staple.’ Not to be confused with machine-picked American supima cotton, pima cotton is one of the only cottons in the world that is exclusively hand picked, without the use of defoliant agent. This process ensures the length of the staple, whereas picking cotton using a machine automatically breaks the staple, requires the use of chemicals, and lessens the quality of the fibre. In fact, pima cotton has a staple length of 1 3/8”, whereas other cotton fibres see lengths of only 1/2-3/4“.


Soft, warm, lightweight, strong, eco-friendly, water-resistant, hypoallergenic, breathable, and water-resistant.

On a trip to Peru, we fell in love with the softness and comfort of one of the finest natural fibres on earth: alpaca.

The natural fibre is luxurious in its softness and silky sheen; not to mention, lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool. The versatility of the fibre has allowed us to design comfortable staples that you’ll reach for every day.

No alpacas are harmed in the making of your garments -- especially not babies! The term baby alpaca simply refers the alpaca’s finest of under-hairs. For centuries, trained Peruvian women have been sorting the fibers into grades, using only their hands and eyes. It’s pretty impressive!

The alpacas of Peru are residents of one of the harshest environments where daily temperatures fluctuate from below-freezing to 20º celsius. As a result, their hair has developed microscopic air pockets that provide superior thermal insulation.

Versus cashmere, alpaca fleece leaves a drastically smaller eco-footprint. Andes’ alpacas leave almost no trace of their presence, whereas cashmere sheep are increasingly leaving grasslands barren with their feeding habits and literally turning Mongolia into a desert.

Alpaca fleece naturally grows in 22 beautiful natural shades from the brightest ivory to the perfect black, as well as every shade of grey and brown you could ever want.


Modal is a soft, breathable, and strong fiber engineered from fast growing and renewable eucalyptus and beech trees.

Modal and cotton are more than compatible - they’re practically made for each other. In fact, the feel of modal is similar to that of cotton, but twice as soft. As a result, it is a fibre that has become a must-have when it comes to comfortwear.