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White + Gold Cylindrical Vase

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We fell in love with Emily's handmade creations. This stunning vase is made using a porcelain slip, and is finished in a glossy white glaze with a 22k golden rim. It truly shows off the maker's touch by leaving behind some of the pinchy texture and the imperfections. 

Emily's objects are made out of clay, and must dry completely for a few days before they are bisque fired. Once that load cools for several hours, they are glazed, then glaze fired, (and another day of cooling) and then the third and final firing, the 22k gold lustre detailing. Every single piece spends a lot of time in her hands!

  • 6.5 inch tall, 2 inch wide cylindrical vase
  • 22 carat gold finish
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Food safe but not dishwasher or microwave friendly! Handle with care. 

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